Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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        <desc>Ireland-based radio directory</desc>

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<p> is a station directory from Irish radio enthusiasts. It's
going pretty strong with over 4500 entries and a neat UI. It obviously also
lists international stations. </p>

<p>It doesn't have an API in itself, but utilizes HTML5 microdata. And
the station logos are utilized directly in ST2 as favicons.</p>

<section id="options">
    <title><code>🔠 Website to fetch from</code></title>
    <p> This option allows for querying LiveRadio.UK instead. This requires
    a Streamtuner2 restart however, and might not be reflected in the
    channel tabs (though is in the toolbar link). </p>
    <title>✕ Missing options</title>
    <p> Future version might allow to set a language filter. Currently
    there's too little content to warrant it. </p>
    <title>❏ General options</title>
    <p> Responds to the PyQuery (instead of regex) parsing main option. </p>
    <p> Per default fetches 10 pages at once. </p>