Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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        <desc>Probably still the largest radio station list.</desc>

	<title><media type="image" src="img/channel_shoutcast.png" /> Shoutcast</title>
	<subtitle><link	href="">//</link></subtitle>

	<p>SHOUTcast is the name of a MP3 streaming server software. It automatically collects all
	station lists on

		<item><p>Station entries usually provide current playing information.</p></item>
		<item><p>Stream links are plain <link xref="pls">PLS files</link>.</p></item>
		<item><p>Genres are subcategorized, so the main groups in the category
		list must be expanded to see the interesting entries.</p></item>

        <p>Since being sold from AOL to Radionomy, the directory got cut down. There are no longer
        entries for currently played songs, and homepage links are largely gone. Hencewhy the
        Shoutcast channel is no longer considered a primary feature.</p>