Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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This is a short summary for distribution package maintainers.
For regular end-user documentation see the help/ pages.

Structural changes in 2.1.5 (2015-04-xx)

 โ†’ There's a new `bin` script. It's a lightweight invocation
   wrapper, intended to be installed as /usr/bin/streamtuner2
   Which hopefully avoids lengthy patches in the future.

 โ†’ The previous `` still exists, but is now supposed to
   reside in `/usr/share/streamtuner2/` along with all
   other modules.

 โ†’ Theoretically it's now possible to change the target path
   even (just edit `bin`).

I'd still advise to use /usr/share/streamtuner2/ as main target
directory though. It's not yet practical to extract into Python
site-package directories.

The channel PNG files still need to reside alongside the Python
modules. Later versions may completely soak the images into the
source code (meta data section) for simpicity.


 ยท bookmarks, configdialog, streamedit were extracted into
   channels/ - which is why the main module got lighter.
 ยท is the new mygtk

Aux files

 โ†’ Help files still need to go to share/docs/streamtuner2/help/
   unless you patch the source.

 โ†’ *.desktop as usual

 โ†’ and `logo.png` is the pixmap/app icon


Some plugin PNGs may have been removed already. (Embedded
binary data may violate some distro guidelines(?), but hey,
fewer files are fewer files.)

And the streamtuner2.png logo is now source-embedded instead,
the`` module provides a `logo.png` string.

The old `gtk2.xml` file is gone. It probably became obsolete
a long while back. The gtk3.xml is instead runtime-patched
to work with PyGTK/gtk2.


If possible, make ST2 dependend on Python2 -or- Python3.
It's not yet practical, and probably against distro standards,
and only APT could so anyway. But if feasible...

Also, hard dependencies are meanwhile:

  - gtk (>= 2.16)
  - pygtk                           [or python-gi for python3]
  - python-requests (>> 1.2.0)
  - python-pyquery    [though most plugins would work without]
  - and its implied python-lxml

Optional dependencies (just affects a single plugin, which
semi-gracefully disables itself):

  - python-keybinder   [for global_key]
  - python-dbus        [for radiotray]

Very optional dependencies (everything should work without):

  - python-xdg

Strongly suggest:

  - streamripper       [or ficy/fpls etc.]
  - any audio player of course


  - youtube-dl   [technically not required, as VLC works without]

Lazy installation

The new .PYZ archive bundles everything into a ZIP file. Which,
given the right shebang, could just be "installed" as literal
/usr/bin/streamtuner2 even.
I'm sure nobody is going to do so. But you know, it's at least
a theoretical option now..

FPM/XPM packaging

You may have noticed (and scoffed at ;) the newer packaging
method. It's now using
with the `src` filter. (That's what the meta comment blocks
in the source modules were always meant for.)


The source code is hosted in a Fossil repo.

You can get a Git export however easily even per web interface:

Git may or may not choke on its own export format though..


Thanks guys!