Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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        <desc>Collect favourites via bookmark function, entry editing and deleting.</desc>


	<p>Streamtuner2 allows to bookmark favoured streams/stations.
	Which is what the <gui style="menu">bookmarks</gui> tab is for, of course.</p>

        <p>Use the right click a stations <guiseq><gui>context menu</gui> <gui>bookmark</gui></guiseq>
        or <key>F8</key>.</p>

        <p>Once bookmarked the station is listed under
        <guiseq><gui style="menu">bookmarks</gui> <gui>favourite</gui></guiseq>.
        Additionally every appearance of the station in channel tabs gets a ★
        star icon.</p>

	<section id="editing">
        <p>Entries can be removed from the bookmark list again. Use
        <guiseq><gui>Edit</gui> <gui>Delete</gui></guiseq> or the <key>DEL</key>
	key for that.</p>

        <p>You can also manually adapt an entry via <guiseq><gui>Station</gui> <gui>Edit</gui></guiseq> or <key>F3</key>.


	<section id="other">
	<p>The bookmarks tab can display other categories besides "favourite". For example the
	search feature creates a "search", while the "timer" and "links" plugins also display
	lists here.</p>
	<note style="bug"><p>However the favourite list itself can not yet be categorized