Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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        <desc>Collect favourites via bookmark function, entry editing and deleting.</desc>


	<p>It's easy to lose the overview when you browse through the various channel tabs, genres
        and internet radio stations. Therefore streamtuner2 allows to create bookmarks. This way
        you can collect favoured streams in a single place.</p>

        <p>Just right click a station you want to bookmark, and choose bookmark in the context
        menu. Alternatively you can use the Streams entry in the application menu. Once bookmarked
        you can see the station entry in the (!) "bookmarks" tab, under "favourite". That's where
        they all go.</p>

	<section id="editing">
        <p>Entries can be removed from the bookmark list again. Use the edit menu for that.</p>

	<p>Bookmarked stations are shown with a star in all other channel tabs. If you delete the
        entry there, it won't remove it from the real bookmarks list.</p>

	<section id="other">
	<p>The bookmarks tab can display other categories besides "favourite". For example the
	search feature creates a "search", while the "timer" and "links" plugins also display
	lists here.</p>