Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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Player config

The config dialog for player settings allows to associate different media playback apps for different audio streams. In reality you only need "audio/mpeg" (MP3) since that is the most common format.

Note that you have to specify an actual player (audacious, vlc, exaile, mplayer, totem) not a library app (banshee, rythmbox, gmusicbrowser, streamtuner2 itself).


Various placeholders can be specified after the command:

Locally (downloaded/converted) .m3u file
aliases to $m3u
Link to on.server .pls stream list (shoutcast default)
Aliases for %pls and %url
Extracted direct link to streaming server (e.g.
Aliases for %pls and %url

If no placeholder is specified in the configuration a default %m3u is appended.