Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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Additional radio directories for the links category of the bookmarks tab. (Note that this page should not relist main channels, individual radio stations, or non-directory websites.)

type title/link notes
stream RadioTower ®⏳/cgi
stream 8tracks -
stream Jango -
stream -
stream StreamFinder -
stream RadioTower ®/cgi
stream Rhapsody/Napster -
stream radio-locator ®
stream Radio Station World -
stream iHeart -
download Live Music Archive(.org) -
download FMA, free music archive -
download Audiofarm -
stream SoundCloud -
download ccMixter -
stream Hype Machine -
download Amazon Free MP3s -
download ccTrax -
list WP: Streaming music services -
list WP: Music databases -
commercial Google Play Music -
commercial Deezer -
stream MyTuner Radio