Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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That's not an actualy FAQ. More a list of questions that came up once.

Streamtuner2 doesn't start.

Check the list of dependencies first.

Start it from a terminal instead to get more useful information. Alternatively enable the debug mode even:

streamtuner2 -D

That'll reveal a bit more googleable error causes.

(Don't google for Gtk warnings though. Nobody cares.)

Channel lists keep empty.

Again try to debug the startup first. If you're using an ancient distro package (2.0.8 is still distributed in some), then install a newer package from the Sourceforge project page.

Some directory services change their layout or listing details more frequently than others. So naturally ST2 won't be able to read them out forever. Look for updates.

Alternatively try the [x] PyQuery parsing configuration setting.

Wrong channel played.

There's a known bug in 2.0.x versions. When resorting a channel tab, the association to the actual stream data became out of order. Click F5 to reload.

Better yet, use a newer version.

Category lists empty, or no stations are found.

Use "Channel > Reload category tree" to update the genre list. If the directory service/website is down, you'll often get an empty list. Try again at a later time.

Player doesn't start.

Please check the configuration dialog (F12). If any of the entries contain red markers, then the listed audio player isn't actually installed. You should get a similar notice on the console when running streamtuner2 -D

Stream recording doesn't work. No window appears or closes quickly again.

Check that you actually have streamripper installed. See the configuration dialog (F12) if the listed terminal application really works. Otherwise edit it to xterm or rxvt for example.

Rhythmbox doesn't start playing.

Rhythmbox is not so much an audio player, but more of a playlist manager (just like streamtuner2 itself). It'll often only add radios in some list, but qon't start with playback right away. It'll crash if it got feeded a XSPF playlist even (from Xiph perhaps). Use a different audio player.

RadioTray doesn't bookmark, it just plays the radio.

You need to apply the documented patch to make that feature work. Also check the radiotray plugin options. It's perhaps just set "play". Or if it tries to "map" your radio genres, then perhaps the association is out of sync / you don't have the preconfigured categories anymore. Then set the according option to just "root" bookmarking.

Search function finds nothing.

The "cache" search will only uncover stations/songs, if you have browsed the according genres and channels recently.

The "server" search is not implemented for all channels however. Only the major ones and non-static lists can actually return something.