Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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  • The application runs mostly stable. The GUI interfaces are workable.
  • It's supposed to run on Gtk2 and Gtk3.
  • Python3 support is achieved.
  • There haven't been any optimizations regarding memory usage and performance.
  • The current internal API is vastly undocumented.

Current bugs

  • Audio- and list-format support is not very robust / needs better API
  • Not all keyboard shortcuts work
  • Some internal UI state flags remain, that need to be substituted with Gtk callbacks.


  • Treeview layouts and lists are dynamically from datamap[] structure and stream{} dicts.
  • Channel categories are often built-in defaults (can be freshened up however)
  • Config vars and cache data get stored as JSON in ~/.config/streamtuner2/
  • Plugin meta data spec is mostly used now for configuration description, and plugin management.


  • Localization (not actually planned for)

Security notes

  • Directory scrapers use partially complex regular expressions - which is probably not a security risk, but might lead to faulty data. Albeit HTML entitiy cleanup and constraints are in place. (As for fragile, the InternetRadio DOM method is less exact even.)
  • MEDIUM: little integrity checking for .pls / .m3u references and files
  • minimal XML/SGML entity decoding (-> faulty data)
  • fixed: now uses only proper Python json module (no longer Python-style dicts and eval)
  • HIGH RISK: no verification of downloaded favicon image files (ico/png), as they are passed to gtk.gdk.Pixbuf (OTOH data pre-filtered by Google)
  • MEDIUM: audio players / decoders are easily affected by buffer overflows from corrupt mp3/stream data. However nothing we can preassert here, streamtuner2 just passes them on.