Streamtuner2 allows to bookmark favourite streams/stations.

  • Use right click for a stations context menu ▸ bookmark

  • Or just press F8 on a selected radio.

  • Else use the main menu Station ▸ bookmark

Once bookmarked the station is listed under bookmarks ▸ favourite.

Additionally every appearance of the station in other channel tabs gets a ★ star icon.


Entries can be removed from the bookmark list again. Use Edit ▸ Delete or the DEL key for that.

You can also manually adapt an entry via Station ▸ Edit or by pressing F3.


The bookmarks tab can display other categories besides "favourite". For example the search feature creates a "search", while the "timer" and "links" plugins also display lists here.

There's a feature plugin to provide for favourite subcategories. You'd usually move items there per drag'n'drop. It's somewhat of a workaround, however.