Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

⌈⌋ branch:  streamtuner2

New beta release 2.1.8

  • This is mostly just labeled a beta release, because of some minor bugs remaining.

  • Adds a couple of new channel plugins:

    • Radionomy
    • Filtermusic
    • Dirble (added again)
  • While it removes: iCast / 8tracks

  • The new User plugin manager simplifies adding new contrib/ plugins:

    • Delicast
    • PublicRadioFan
    • Compound channel mixing
    • File browser (unsupported)
    • Great Little Radio Player (CSV import)
    • Punkcast (no longer bundled)
  • The Xiph channel was extended, now provides a faster HTML extraction mode, and brings back the slow YP.XML conversion as fallback.

  • The Youtube error result was fixed, now uses only the v3 API (for the mostPopular list).

  • Add new configuration dialog group for Playlist processing.

  • Some bugfixes as usual:

    • Action/playlist extraction adds a custom JAMJSON extractor.
    • Last category restoration seems to work now, scrolls back and reselects correctly now.
    • Some Gtk3 fixes.
    • Invalid favicons did crash ST2.
    • Another fix for the search function.
  • And there's an experimental new package for Arch Linux / pacman, available as .arch.txz in the download section.

Remaining bugs

  • Channel tab double clicking doesn't work (ever since the notebook tags became draggable/reorderable).

  • DND-importing real URLs still won't uncover complete station information, just brings up the edit dialog.

  • Non-Google favicon extraction still isn't implemented.