Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

⌈⌋ branch:  streamtuner2

Another beta release 2.1.7

Some more internal fixes and kludges were applied.

  • The perhaps most interesting addition is support for Drag'n'drop

    DND station export to Desktop

    • Now it's not likely to be used much in reality. But was an important milestone, despite the development tears it incurred.
    • Streamtuner2 was always meant as data source, not just self-centric data hording.
    • DND required a little more cleanup to the internal playlist conversion system. But now really simplifies bookmarking radios to preferred audio players or playlist managers.

  • The configuration dialog got a little overhaul for clearness.
    Channel and feature plugins were split into separate tabs.

  • The UbuntuUsers plugin got bundled per default.

  • Temporary files don't pollute /tmp anymore. Instead there's now a /tmp/streamtuner2/ subdirectory created on startup. And reuse_m3u gets honored meanwhile.

  • Jamendo "feeds" are now supported, because the JAMJSON playlist type gets internally converted. Thus the deprecated v2 API isn't used any longer.

  • As further workaround for Python3 on Gtk3 there's now a no-threading mode or --nt cmdline option.

Some bugfixes

  • For the crash in the search module.
  • For browser/homepage invocation,
  • More cautious partial stream refreshing,
  • Nicer and more thorough logging.
  • Outdated PIL workaround.
  • Application state restoration.
  • Current category tracking,
  • Statusbar simplification,
  • And initial startup safeguards.
  • Some more Gtk3 workarounds were applied.

Overlooked bugs

Theese were fixed in the development trunk after release:

  • Bookmarking can still fail due to favicon/homepage updating.
  • Subcategory treelist restoration was incomplete.
  • Gtk idle spool was unordered.