Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

⌈⌋ branch:  streamtuner2

End of 2016 stable release 2.2.0

Features are mostly stable now. A few bugs (not all) have been fixed, and new ones introduced, obviously.

New channels

And this release brings a bunch of new plugins:

  • RCast
  • Streema
  • Tuner2
  • vTuner
  • RadioSure
  • house-mixes
  • Reciva.

New feature plugins:

  • Cache Reset
  • Config import/export
  • revived Gtk theme setter
  • new Gtk theme installer
  • Specbuttons for custom toolbar shortcuts
  • Script stations

While channels Live365, and WindowsMediaGuide are discontinued.

Windows support

A lot of work went into the windows installer.

  • The SFX/EXE now comes with a post-install script (Powershell).
  • It pulls all dependencies (Python, libs, and Gtk package).
  • Sets up a bunch of extra tools (uninstaller, config reset, debug starter, CHM manual)
  • Registers all with the registry so it allows a clean uninstall as well.

Quoting and command interpolation has been reworked a bit. And the config module sets up a few more sensible defaults now. The manual explains a few gotchas and appropriate settings.


  • Manual typos and obsolete infos removed. More details on e.g. station status icons.

  • Internet-Radio now supports the search, its DOM extraction was updated.

  • File browser is currently worked on.

  • MODarchive category fetching has been fixed.

  • Radio-Browser can now submit stations (like MyOggRadio).

  • Radionomy plugin had new icon sizes.

  • Reddit and Record-stop are now distributed plugins.

  • The action module now has a hook urn_resolve() which a few channels can bind in more easily to post-process station links (two-step extraction).

  • A few more refresh indicators have been added (status/progress bar hints).

  • A bit of work went into the plugin management again, which is now utilized for the theme installer as well - and allows foo OR bar dependencies now. The settings window allows for table/dict settings now.

  • Other internal changes include plugin init2() callbacks, a secret conf.cmd option, "rt" open flag fixes, new unichr() alias, a cmd= flag for run_fmt_url()