Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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Add some notes about DND to the manual. check-in: faacd9c284 user: mario tags: trunk
20:54 Edit [a5893e591c]: Edit check-in comment. artifact: a04421318e user: mario
Fix .desktop file exporting. Add mime_guess() for streaming url. Move insert_rows() implementation out of DND module. check-in: 749715cb39 user: mario tags: trunk
Move DND insert_rows() into GenericChannel. Add load(y=) parameter to scroll back to previous position after insert_rows(). Reenable select_path("0") after reloading category list. (Fixes initial startup.) check-in: a5893e591c user: mario tags: trunk
Let bookmarks channel use generic.load() to reapply scroll position y= after inserts. check-in: a6ba97bce0 user: mario tags: trunk
Remove old .ico workaround, as PIL2(Pillow) now integrates support. Leave the remaining code in shambles, and with excessive logging. Still needs a huge rewrite to optionalize Google reliance again. (The manual favicon fetching never worked, because the regexp is too crude for most sites; and URL joining is off too.) check-in: 743c60ff80 user: mario tags: trunk
Playlist DND import and conversion has been greatly simplified. (To the detriment of the action module now becoming more complex.) check-in: 705c7d16c2 user: mario tags: trunk
Major rewrite of playlist_extract handler. Now retains url and titles for playlist types that contain it. Still provides simpler urls() wrapper for old usage. Move probe_* functions into playlist_extract class as well. Introduce basic playlist_fmt_prio list for supported formats. (Too many regexps to probe for allowed file extensions, etc.) Add support for .url and .desktop files (import only.) check-in: f18b5c461f user: mario tags: trunk
Alias urllib*.unquote as urldecode() check-in: bd2ee4de96 user: mario tags: trunk
Fix missing .module property for add_plugin_defaults. check-in: 266321da13 user: mario tags: trunk
Replace old __print__/dbg.XYZ references with new log.XYZ() wrapper. check-in: ebae9e51ac user: mario tags: trunk
Fix explanation on why iCast fetching takes a little while for some categories. check-in: de5d9ad092 user: mario tags: trunk
Shorten "Ogg Vorbis 112kbit/s" option name (was expanding the general settings dialog too much). check-in: 8759215e26 user: mario tags: trunk
Add overly crude playlist_convert.title() extraction (for M3U/PLS/XSPF/ASX and the custom STRING/TEXT format used by DND module). Insert imported rows at the right position. Scrolling won't work, because it's done in a separate thread. check-in: 6dfe1fdeb5 user: mario tags: trunk
Move playlist extension and context probing into separate functions. Introduce some rather crude import functionality for a few playlist file formats. (Still requires proper importer with title= reading, and entirely rows[] based function signatures in action module.) check-in: 8e3b1e4d5b user: mario tags: trunk
Introduce log.ERR() etc. instead of __print__(dbg.XY...) workaround (was meant for Py3 only). check-in: 256b1e5833 user: mario tags: trunk
Remove some obsolete comments/code snippets. check-in: dd605f1352 user: mario tags: trunk
Implement in-application row copying per JSON (info=51, mime=json/vnd.streamtuner2.station). Fixed set_text() bug by using set("STRING",..) atom instead. check-in: 38812e4bbf user: mario tags: trunk
Experiment with a few more target types. Works with a few text editors on STRING. Most just want a uri-list, but can't handle it. check-in: e0e28edba2 user: mario tags: trunk
Add plugin defaults. check-in: 6a17061df0 user: mario tags: trunk
Implement basic exporting and conversion for drag-and-drop. Needs to buffer implicit playlist file, because data_get() gets called excessively. Still support direct M3U/PLS/XSPF transfers (should any other application ever understand it), and direct URL transmission. No import functionality yet, but internal JSON format prepared as target type. check-in: 8c7de37e5e user: mario tags: trunk
Semi-fix for brand-new initialization. Set default category from existing categories[] list. Setting the displayed path as well doesn't work yet. (It's just half-way selected after the next restart.) check-in: 1cfacd1296 user: mario tags: trunk
Bring back .base_url instead of .homepage property for HTTP requests. check-in: c6416a18df user: mario tags: trunk
Simplify callback for GUI updates from within threads. Search plugin led to a memory corruption due to not using it for updates. check-in: aa264c28e2 user: mario tags: trunk
Add [feeds] support for Jamendo. (Pretty much only albums, so track lookup works.) Better support for configured audio format/mime. Ogg Vorbis now works in albums and playlists. check-in: 90b1672010 user: mario tags: trunk
Fix homepage url issue / quote() checks for list first now. Restructure playlist extraction into ordered dict; use in conver_playlist as probe formats. Make xml/json url decoding explicit, prepare for custom extractors (e.g. real json or xml traversal, full row/title extraction). check-in: 58d2981ca9 user: mario tags: trunk
Guard appstate_init channels.current setting for absent plugins. check-in: 24fb9b895e user: mario tags: trunk
Updated Jamendo plugin audioformat and listformat descriptors. Attempted to use v3.0 API for playlist tracks. Still no playlist API endpoint. So using a separate track requests now. Implemented a new action/playlist_convert URL extractor, which shall henceforth be known as "jamj" (JamJibberish). Fixed XML url extraction in regex mode, trivial backslash deescaping for JSON formats; and fixed multiply URL bug by copying row{} dict during conversion. check-in: 7149d92fe1 user: mario tags: trunk
Removed dnd code snippets. check-in: 1e268b6422 user: mario tags: trunk
Experimental drag and drop code snippets. (Not going to work well with other apps, only VLC tested, everything else depends on text/uri-list temp file:// URLs. Internal row dragging not implemented / no bookmarks subcats yet.) check-in: 185e42f185 user: mario tags: trunk
Move PYZ shebang prefixing into `xpm` codebase. Simplifies local Makefile. Renamed PKG_PYZ into PKG_ZIP, and added extra target rules to Packfile. check-in: 9b93393d5e user: mario tags: trunk
Remove remnant module .title/etc attributes, and .current category overwriting. check-in: a7b0cd39a2 user: mario tags: trunk
Make .current a dynamic property for debugging. Skip load() update for category==None calls (doesn't happen with previous appstate). Undo default category setting. Now main.appstate_init values are used again. Don't position category liststore selection to #0. Enable "Format" station column. check-in: 99ee6c4ef4 user: mario tags: trunk
Simplify appliation state restore. Don't override old .shown status / liststore position should be handled by GenericChannel. Suppress TreeView errors when clicking on empty station list area. check-in: 2687258c8c user: mario tags: trunk
Tested fixed-width for pixbuf cellrenderer in stream lists; little effect. Set .module attribute for auxiliary windows (unused). check-in: b434d63e4e user: mario tags: trunk
Mark PIL workaround as obsolete. check-in: ee9da14a46 user: mario tags: trunk
23:23 Changes to wiki page FAQ artifact: fbaabe46dc user: mario
23:23 Changes to wiki page FAQ artifact: 3eba527047 user: mario
Run channel.first_show() on tab switches in a separate thread. This makes ST2 *look* snappy after initialization, and for the very first startup in particular. (Seems to work stable after all, even uncovers the HTTP statusbar updates now.) check-in: 56c215a897 user: mario tags: trunk
20:14 Changes to wiki page original streamtuner1 artifact: 5653299597 user: mario
20:12 Changes to wiki page windows artifact: 2963f37bf3 user: mario
Move preprocessing from Makefile to Packfile, just runs on channels/ instead of all *.py files now. check-in: 9e4b52a0f5 user: mario tags: trunk
17:05 Added wiki page contrib artifact: e12e883efe user: mario
Not implemented: `8tracks` (plugin name suffers from identifier mismatch, and it's not quite doable in ST2, because 8tracks requires feedback shortly after playback has begun; yet streamtuner can't inspect any configured audio player for actually doing so.) check-in: 327d2ed94c user: mario tags: trunk
17:01 Added wiki page contrib artifact: 77826bbbec user: mario
17:00 Added wiki page contrib artifact: 16e27d1da8 user: mario
17:00 Changes to wiki page contrib artifact: 5bb3ef5aa5 user: mario
Add old Compoundβ˜… example plugin, slightly updated for current meta data scheme. check-in: a4cb6da4ac user: mario tags: trunk
Old helper script to make streamripper add genre. Though there are `-D` pattern options that often work better. And KStreamripper or fIcy/fPls might be more modern. check-in: 39e61e9915 user: mario tags: trunk
Remove ancient dependency. (Whole favicon module needs refurbishment though. Might be feasible to turn it into a plugin meanwhile.) check-in: 6569edc420 user: mario tags: trunk
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