Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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Document fossil repo specific URLs (changelog/, cat/, trunk, version, zip/, tar/). check-in: c39a33b3da user: mario tags: trunk
Use plain module_list() for config_dialog.add_plugins() instead of traversing main.channels and main.features separately. Uses module= lookup with hardwired "channels." and ".py" retrieval. check-in: 9ed03bc901 user: mario tags: trunk
Catch HTTP errors for reload_categories(). Provide a descriptive .placeholder[] and .empty_stub[] stream list for channels reloading. check-in: 9d6c4e81f8 user: mario tags: trunk
Moved back to old `mostPolular` method. check-in: 8996e21a01 user: mario tags: trunk
Removed duplicate category entries for internet_radio plugin. check-in: 3d794f312d user: mario tags: trunk
Removed module_list() ordering, which is now handled by uikit.appstate. Documented plugin_meta() options, split out plugin_meta_extract() code. check-in: 7127c48419 user: mario tags: trunk
Removed remains of [stop] button handling. Fixed url param in homepage channel callback. check-in: 5692e6ae5d user: mario tags: trunk
22:15 Edit [ad852f14fe]: Edit check-in comment. artifact: cb7390c21c user: mario
22:15 Edit [ad852f14fe]: Edit check-in comment. artifact: 0b2993f92e user: mario
22:07 Changes to wiki page channels artifact: 86db8bb75a user: mario
22:06 Changes to wiki page channels artifact: abe8e94f6c user: mario
22:04 Changes to wiki page bundle artifact: d83060890a user: mario
22:04 Changes to wiki page bundle artifact: 69505432cb user: mario
Removed Gtk `theme` configuration options. (Didn't work anymore.) -- Addendum: If anyone has been using this, please drop me a line; it could become a plugin now.. check-in: ad852f14fe user: mario tags: trunk
Made channel tabs reorderable. Now kept in config/window.json as `tab_order` and current page saved as `tab_current` instead of pageno. Disabled progressbar changes for ahttp, made search_server search run in a thread so status can be shown. check-in: 6fab0e7170 user: mario tags: trunk
19:20 Changes to wiki page write a plugin artifact: 1ef15ddc92 user: mario
19:09 Added wiki page plugin meta data artifact: c713100d9a user: mario
18:58 Changes to wiki page plugin meta data artifact: f375b827c8 user: mario
18:58 Changes to wiki page plugin meta data artifact: b77fb8ba5d user: mario
18:39 Changes to wiki page write a plugin artifact: 483fa47010 user: mario
Removed doubled radio button grouping in GtkBuilder file for search_dialog. check-in: 5377cdecb5 user: mario tags: trunk
pngopt/pngadv/pngcrushed logo banner/icon. check-in: de4406f6c3 user: mario tags: trunk
Got rid of static main.channel_names[] list. Instead now querying Gtk notebook_channels widget for current page name ordering. More plugin defaults added to ConfigDict.defaults(), as workaround for not preparsing inactive plugins on startup. check-in: 18b4da567f user: mario tags: trunk
Split out pack: specifier into `bin` and separately for help/ pages. check-in: 97fd6a532a user: mario tags: trunk
Compacter banner/logo base64, removed SVG variant. check-in: 1ed7d9a52b user: mario tags: trunk
All channel icons are now embedded into plugin meta data. check-in: 232bbb301a user: mario tags: trunk
Removed channel icon *.pngs. check-in: 0769283e02 user: mario tags: trunk
Add missing `configwin` (the externalized config_dialog). Fixed gtk3.xml for gtk2 once more. Orovide find_executable() in config, used by configwin to show if configured apps are actually available. check-in: 04f700ea1c user: mario tags: trunk
Fix incorrent indendation. check-in: 85b88fac15 user: mario tags: trunk
17:44 Changes to wiki page radiotray artifact: c70152079c user: mario
17:44 Changes to wiki page radiotray artifact: 28e367b53d user: mario
Compact plugin comments to be more user-targetted. check-in: f5a59de6b8 user: mario tags: trunk
Initial version of API plugin. Built-in stub favicon. (Maybe later support station submissions here too, just like MOR.) check-in: 8fcde37560 user: mario tags: trunk
15:44 Changes to wiki page alternatives artifact: 9a5d85383d user: mario
15:38 Changes to wiki page alternatives artifact: 664eabbd00 user: mario
15:38 Changes to wiki page alternatives artifact: fbb6f2b388 user: mario
Updated docs regarding manual setups/packaging. check-in: 35ffa2c130 user: mario tags: trunk
15:34 Added wiki page alternatives artifact: bce275f41a user: mario
Readd MUSICgoal to bookmarks/links category (now that plugin is gone) check-in: 263968679e user: mario tags: trunk
Adapted uikit.hbox to allow left or right column to be expanded/filled. check-in: f3f635ba8d user: mario tags: trunk
Changed plugin config: options default registration to use full .meta[] now instead of just config[] list. Thus plugins can be enabled/disabled right away based on priority: field. (On first startup all channels will show up however.) check-in: a05da9d33d user: mario tags: trunk
Fix config defaults registration. check-in: b49c38af77 user: mario tags: trunk
Updated punkcast to display again, also show banners now instead of empty columns, and embedded favicon/png. check-in: 8130cc2cdc user: mario tags: trunk
Removed dirble plugin for now (new API coming in April...?) check-in: 23f4e4608e user: mario tags: trunk
Update documentation files (dependencies and manual installation paths). check-in: 186f91779d user: mario tags: trunk
19:44 Changes to wiki page help artifact: 7c5da10b21 user: mario
19:44 Changes to wiki page help artifact: b2c33401d2 user: mario
Add conf.get_data() alias, which automatically fetches resource relative to config module (that is, works on the global path, or within pyzip archive). Move module_list() from channels. into config, as it combines plugins and config management anyway. check-in: 07d2a291cd user: mario tags: trunk
Trim down plugin comment. check-in: c8c55c79da user: mario tags: trunk
Moved add_plugin_defaults from main into GenericChannel constructor. Check for percentage>=0 in progress indicator of statusbar. check-in: 9a4aa0b793 user: mario tags: trunk
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