Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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Remove a few options from configuration dialog; now available in [feature] plugin tabs for favicon module. Favicon module exposes google_station_homepage, and retrieval methods, but no longer `conf.show_favicons` (which is decided on just by having the plugin enabled - or not.) Introduce conf.auto_save_stations for favicon/DND plugin. check-in: 8c7b4f2662 user: mario tags: trunk
Default to encoding=utf-8 for jamendo API. check-in: 0a7528326f user: mario tags: trunk
Add feature plugin icon. check-in: 1c2efe11f1 user: mario tags: trunk
Resize logo together with toolbar buttons. check-in: edc282b52b user: mario tags: trunk
Make favicon redisplay work after google_find_homepage() and existing icons in cache. Shorter timeout/display for status label for google search. check-in: 56776a4e90 user: mario tags: trunk
Move mime_fmt() into regular function. Fix live365 ahttp feedback= bug. Regroup functions and update a few comments in channels/__init__ check-in: 2335ea7a46 user: mario tags: trunk
Add default filters only once in GenericChannel.__init__ Allow preprocess_filter callbacks access to current channel object. (Used by filter_bitrate to recognize .audioformat if row[format] is absent.) check-in: ae2f48310a user: mario tags: trunk
Add plugin defaults (for newly added options, but previously active modules) in any case when starting with -D flag. Save settings.json in json.dumps(sort_keys=True) mode. check-in: 3497339549 user: mario tags: trunk
Add generic bitrate filter plugin, move functionality out of xiph channel. check-in: 7ef8a2b827 user: mario tags: trunk
Remove plugin #color: check-in: b4558a4599 user: mario tags: trunk
Use GenericChannel.prepare_filters hook to update "favicon" filenames in rows. Precompile row_to_fn regexps. Fix google_find_homepage params (just a function, not a method). check-in: 8c0b288e66 user: mario tags: trunk
Split up post-proccessing filters (run after load/update_streams), use filter callback list now. Separate prepare display filters as well (so to hook dedicated favicon callback into). Move conf.show_favicons option into uikit.columns() signature. check-in: 475f736d5d user: mario tags: trunk
21:17 Changes to a wiki page → Obsolete EVENT table information. Run "fossil rebuild" on the repository. artifact: aa5dd812e3 user: mario
21:14 Changes to a wiki page → Obsolete EVENT table information. Run "fossil rebuild" on the repository. artifact: a2446e830e user: mario
21:14 Changes to a wiki page → Obsolete EVENT table information. Run "fossil rebuild" on the repository. artifact: 07d6034ba9 user: mario
Break out _on_reload thread callback. check-in: 306eba6f98 user: mario tags: trunk
Remove _ prefix from ls, rowmap, pix_entry, as features/search was already depending on literal rowmap. check-in: 6d1bd944fb user: mario tags: trunk
Change pluginconf lookups. Use only pkg basenames for configuration, but override channels.__path__ directly in module. Thus pluginconf can convert `plugin_base` into path list for module_list() scanning. check-in: 494088b7d1 user: mario tags: trunk
Switch dirble plugin to predeclare encoding="utf-8" for speed. check-in: 05806261b3 user: mario tags: trunk
Disable iTunes plugin, no alternative resource. check-in: 901ee2c6b2 user: mario tags: trunk
Fix URL patching (after actually testing it). And provide fallback for image resizing (.thumbnail in PIL 2.3.0 is broken). check-in: 12e7646cbf user: mario tags: trunk
Move internal commentary out of plugin description block. Try/Catch processing failures in update_rows() loop. Use quieter=1 option for image downloads. Reimplement custom base_url+href favicon patching. check-in: 4e95040e40 user: mario tags: trunk
Add ahttp.get( quieter= ) option for less log.HTTP notices. check-in: 529222eb9b user: mario tags: trunk
Work atop Python3 by using io.BytesIO rather than compat2and3 module. check-in: 7ec987b9ba user: mario tags: trunk
Move `favicon` module into extension/feature plugin. Simplify row["favicon"] cache filename pregeneration; separate from favicon module (but basically duplicated code there). Refactor most internal favicon+banner processing, rename methods for clarity. Plugin registers itself as .hooks["play"] callback. Uses main.thread() now instead of custom variant. Create icon cache dir on initialiation rather. Use combined row_to_fn() for cache filename generation instead of domain(), url(), file(), etc. Previous banner downloads are ignored, because the filename normalization is more in line with domain favicons now. Only update pixstore on successful downloads. Pre-check the content type per binary regex now, before saving image files. Combine resizing into store_image() function as well. Even PNG files will be piped through PIL (for sanitization). Completely got rid of urllib usage. Homepage/HTML extraction got rewritten, simpler, still inexact; but works now for most webpages. Favicon homepage downloading checks both returned MIME type and actual file content prior saving. Shorten timeouts to 2-3 seconds for Google and custom favicon retrieval. check-in: bd1a9cba05 user: mario tags: trunk
Create stub plugins/ in any case. check-in: a6b4b00c41 user: mario tags: trunk
Make AHTTP timeout= configurable. check-in: 4b035870ec user: mario tags: trunk
Fix super slow requests download for Xiph YP.XML, due to automatic charset detected in requests.text access. Override encoding= now and manually .decode() known "utf-8" charset. check-in: 06fe0ef3db user: mario tags: trunk
Implement favicon live updating. Play event and download_all now pass the treestore, with row index, and pix_entry number (column index in liststore). Favicon module checks for downloaded images twice now, and updates PixBuf in ListStore. (Works for both single station view, and download_all.) check-in: aac4fcacbf user: mario tags: trunk
Prepare for more complex hooks["play"] invocation (ignore args, kwargs). check-in: 5fbe0ccd0c user: mario tags: trunk
Use custom GenericChannel.columns() wrapper to simplify passing TreeView widget and keeping returned liststore/rowmap/pix_entry. check-in: 5d8d7fd191 user: mario tags: trunk
Minor typo fixes. check-in: d1befc2a99 user: mario tags: trunk
Return ListStore, rowmap and pix_entry from uikit.columns() check-in: 8b187d699a user: mario tags: trunk
Crash in search module again. Seemingly fixed it for threaded mode by preupdating the bookmarks.streams{search} result store before switching tabs. check-in: e6dd4c5376 user: mario tags: trunk
Fix srver url extraction prior sending to myoggradio API. check-in: 46648a2d42 user: mario tags: trunk
Lock WindowsMediaGuide plugin against >2.1.8 check-in: 55b6ad457a user: mario tags: trunk
Step-tutorial for bookmarking a station. check-in: c159673973 user: mario tags: trunk
18:38 Fixed ticket [3717525759]: Dirble API key invalid plus 2 other changes artifact: d487e3cfa0 user: mario
18:38 Ticket [6c980d44f1] is unavailable / down status still Open with 5 other changes artifact: b363419693 user: mario ... 1 similar event omitted.
18:31 Changes to a wiki page → Obsolete EVENT table information. Run "fossil rebuild" on the repository. artifact: 3bf107ed5d user: mario
18:31 Changes to a wiki page → Obsolete EVENT table information. Run "fossil rebuild" on the repository. artifact: 4eb6623046 user: mario
Explain in detail how to enable pluginmanager2 extension. check-in: b0ca9793cb user: mario tags: trunk
Additional project+help links for manual. check-in: 76cf990460 user: mario tags: trunk
Make static category lists more readable. check-in: f94731a05b user: mario tags: trunk
Remove unsupported view-source: URL prefix, rewrite links from /cat/ to /doc/tip/ for downloading/plain view instead of text/html browsing. check-in: 8e4f191706 user: mario tags: trunk
01:34 Changes to a wiki page → Obsolete EVENT table information. Run "fossil rebuild" on the repository. artifact: c05180e106 user: mario
Fix UTF-8 text decoding for CSV after downloading as binary. check-in: 27b9174109 user: mario tags: trunk
Add description: line. check-in: 749946913c user: mario tags: trunk
Add windows media guide radio lists (ASX). Fixed action module to extract with case-insensitve matches for that playlist format. (It's not really XML after all.) check-in: 7c085d54f9 user: mario tags: trunk
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