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Ticket Hash: ba1222fcee29131aa2b23b6a98cd5500343d7d46
Title: UI colors bug on Ubuntu Mate 20.04 Dark
Status: Verified Type: Code_Defect
Severity: Cosmetic Priority: Immediate
Subsystem: Resolution: Open
Last Modified: 2020-12-08 07:14:38
Version Found In: 2.2.1
User Comments:
oxoocoffee added on 2020-12-03 17:26:15:

I just installed latest version 2.2.1 on Ubuntu Mate 20.04. I have dark mode enabled and right away I noticed issue after starting streamtuner2. If I select any radio station on left pane, right pane there is a column (2nd) names Station Title. This column has white background and very light gray text. It makes it very hard to read. How do you attach screen shot? Is there a work around this UI issue.

mario added on 2020-12-08 07:09:01:

That's an artifact from the search function. The only way to adapt it right now would be changing line 175:

row.setdefault("search_col", "#ffffff")

Unfortunately there's no fallback onto the default theme. In previous attempts it wasn't possible to use "transparent". Though we could have a config option for this. (More work than editing the file directly.)

mario added on 2020-12-08 07:14:38:

One some Gtk versions you an just set it to an empty string.
That would only yield an occassional GtkWarning: Don't know color ''. It might be more bugprone for Gtk3 setups however.