Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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The new channels/ plugin allows to bookmark stations from Streamtuner2 directly to RadioTray (or now Radiotray-NG).

See also the configuration options, on how Streamtuner2 maps stations onto RadioTray bookmark <groups>.

"root" is just meant for the old Radiotray format.
"group" tries to fit genres onto existing submenus.
"category" maps ont existing submenus just from the channel category.
"channel" instead creates new Shoutcast - Rock submenu entries.
"asis" will transfer the literal station genre (or list of genres).
"play" for RT-NG to stream instantly (no bookmarking)

new Radiotray-NG

The currently maintained version of RT is

  • Issue: #92 brought support for the direct "play" option already.
  • Saving is done directly into radiotry-ng/bookmarks.json.
  • A DBUS mode might come later (might be difficult to incorporate into the main app).

old Radiotray

The original version is no longer maintained.

It did require a patch for RT however, so it accepts the proposed DBUS request.

If you want to apply it manually, find /usr/share/pyshared/radiotray/ and add following snippet:

   def addRadio(self, title, url, group="root"):
       self.dataProvider.addRadio(title, url, group)

Add it after playUrl or something. Just take care to keep it coherently indented.

I've opened a feature request #242 for this.