Cross package maker. DEB/RPM generation or conversion. Derived from jordansissel/fpm.

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Artifact 3b0f4d643ba10d23f926ddd46a2a976aa9d7eff7:

  • File templates/appstream.erb — part of check-in [b52e581a05] at 2014-12-15 19:55:00 on branch trunk — Added html_escape (despite the name actually just escapes XML) to AppData template. (user: mario size: 909)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- Maintainer: <%=h maintainer %>, autogenerated by `fpm -u appdata` -->
<component type="desktop">
 <id><%=h name %>.desktop</id>
 <project_license><%=h license %></project_license>
 <name><%=h name %></name>
   <% summary, *description = ((description) or "no description given").split("\n") -%>
 <summary><%=h summary %></summary>
    h description[0,25].join("\n")  # should actually generate mini-html with <p> and <ul>+<li>
  <screenshot type="default">
   <caption>Main window..</caption>
 <url type="homepage"><%=h (url or "data:,") %></url>
 <updatecontact><%=h maintainer %></updatecontact>
 <!--project_group><%=h category %></project_group-->