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Help: rename

The "rename" command:

Usage: fossil mv|rename OLDNAME NEWNAME
   or: fossil mv|rename OLDNAME... DIR

Move or rename one or more files or directories within the repository tree.
You can either rename a file or directory or move it to another subdirectory.

The 'mv' command does NOT normally rename or move the files on disk.
This command merely records the fact that file names have changed so
that appropriate notations can be made at the next commit/check-in. 
This behavior can be changed using the --hard or --soft command-line
options or by changing the 'mv-rm-files' setting.

The 'rename' command never renames or moves files on disk, even when the
command line options and/or the 'mv-rm-files' setting would otherwise
require it to do so.

  --soft                  Skip moving files within the checkout.
                          This supersedes the --hard option.
  --hard                  Move files within the checkout.
  --case-sensitive <BOOL> Override the case-sensitive setting.
  -n|--dry-run            If given, display instead of run actions.

See also: changes, status