Powershell GUI fronted (WPF) to run categorized console scripts

⌈⌋ branch:  ClickyColoury


Non-exhaustive and outdated list on what's still to be fixed.


  • docs docs docs, albeit it's a bit too early to document most of the GUI startup e.g.

  • $machine → $computer
    (Made up my mind. $machine sounded more pleasing initially. But everyone else is just using $computer. So: rewriting time...)


  • Powershell 5.0 compatility

    • non-threading mode for starters
    • Not quite sure why it doesn't run yet. It's either a scoping issue or perhaps the runspace building (funcs redefining).
    • Perhaps fixed already by splitting up wpf.psm1 into runspace and main funcs.
  • Out-Gui BEGIN/PROCESS/END for capturing live pipe output (no more Write-Host)

  • Default for Out-String to 120 chars

  • Wider WPF TextBlock output window

  • selection hack for TextBlock (C#)

  • CLI Read-ComputerName alias (from widget)


  • combine core plugins/funcs_*.ps1 into menu or a more generic module, once stable

  • general enable PSRemoting shortcut

  • unifiy Create-TaskSched

  • stubs for Add-Printer etc.


  • Read-ComputerName alias (with cached value)

  • or better another generic Read-Host alias

Script ideas

  • net view \target /all


  • ribbon: Unicode clipboard

  • ribbon: App shortcuts

  • HTML clipboard conversion

  • $cfg.domain

  • Fossil repo