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 * type: page
 * title: Project release listing
 * description: Front page for listing recently submitted projects and their releases

?> <section id=main> <?php

// query projects
$releases = db("
    SELECT *
      FROM release
     WHERE flag < 5
  GROUP BY name, version
  ORDER BY t_published DESC, t_changed DESC
     LIMIT 50

// show
foreach ($releases->fetchAll() as $entry) {

    // HTML escaping and some autogenerated fields
    // Callback for varexpression function calls in heredoc
    $_ = "trim";
    // Output
    print <<<HTML
      <article class=project>
            <a href="projects/$entry[name]">$entry[title]
            <em class=version>$entry[version]</em></a>
            <span class=links>
                <span class=published_date>$entry[formatted_date]}</span>
                <a href="$entry[homepage]"><img src="img/home.png" width=20 height=20 border=0 align=middle></a>
                <a href="$entry[download]"><img src="img/disk.png" width=20 height=20 border=0 align=middle></a>
        <a href="$entry[homepage]"><img class=preview src="$entry[image]" align=right width=120 height=90 border=0></a>
        <p class=description>$entry[description]</p>
        <p class=release-notes><b>$entry[scope]:</b> $entry[changes]</p>
        <p class=tags><img src="img/tag.png" width=49 align=left height=22 border=0><a class=license>$entry[license]</a>{$_(wrap_tags($entry["tags"]))}</p>