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Command-line Help

The "branch" command:

Usage: fossil branch SUBCOMMAND ... ?OPTIONS?

Run various subcommands to manage branches of the open repository or
of the repository identified by the -R or --repository option.

   fossil branch new BRANCH-NAME BASIS ?OPTIONS?

       Create a new branch BRANCH-NAME off of check-in BASIS.
       Supported options for this subcommand include:
       --private             branch is private (i.e., remains local)
       --bgcolor COLOR       use COLOR instead of automatic background
       --nosign              do not sign contents on this branch
       --date-override DATE  DATE to use instead of 'now'
       --user-override USER  USER to use instead of the current default

   fossil branch list ?-a|--all|-c|--closed?
   fossil branch ls ?-a|--all|-c|--closed?

       List all branches.  Use -a or --all to list all branches and
       -c or --closed to list all closed branches.  The default is to
       show only open branches.

   -R|--repository FILE       Run commands on repository FILE