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Command-line Help

The "import" command:

Usage: fossil import ?--git? ?OPTIONS? NEW-REPOSITORY ?INPUT-FILE?
   or: fossil import --svn ?OPTIONS? NEW-REPOSITORY ?INPUT-FILE?

Read interchange format generated by another VCS and use it to
construct a new Fossil repository named by the NEW-REPOSITORY
argument.  If no input file is supplied the interchange format
data is read from standard input.

The following formats are currently understood by this command

  --git        Import from the git-fast-export file format (default)

  --svn        Import from the svnadmin-dump file format. The default
               behaviour (unless overridden by --flat) is to treat 3
               folders in the SVN root as special, following the
               common layout of SVN repositories. These are (by
               default) trunk/, branches/ and tags/
                 --trunk FOLDER     Name of trunk folder
                 --branches FOLDER  Name of branches folder
                 --tags FOLDER      Name of tags folder
                 --base PATH        Path to project root in repository
                 --flat             The whole dump is a single branch

Common Options:
  -i|--incremental   allow importing into an existing repository
  -f|--force         overwrite repository if already exists
  -q|--quiet         omit progress output
  --no-rebuild       skip the "rebuilding metadata" step
  --no-vacuum        skip the final VACUUM of the database file

The --incremental option allows an existing repository to be extended
with new content.

See also: export