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Command-line Help

The "timeline" command:

Usage: fossil timeline ?WHEN? ?CHECKIN|DATETIME? ?OPTIONS?

Print a summary of activity going backwards in date and time
specified or from the current date and time if no arguments
are given.  The WHEN argument can be any unique abbreviation
of one of these keywords:

    descendants | children
    ancestors | parents

The CHECKIN can be any unique prefix of 4 characters or more.
The DATETIME should be in the ISO8601 format.  For
example: "2007-08-18 07:21:21".  You can also say "current"
for the current version or "now" for the current time.

  -n|--limit N         Output the first N entries (default 20 lines).
                       N=0 means no limit.
  -p|--path PATH       Output items affecting PATH only.
                       PATH can be a file or a sub directory.
  --offset P           skip P changes
  -t|--type TYPE       Output items from the given types only, such as:
                           ci = file commits only
                           e  = technical notes only
                           t  = tickets only
                           w  = wiki commits only
  -v|--verbose         Output the list of files changed by each commit
                       and the type of each change (edited, deleted,
                       etc.) after the check-in comment.
  -W|--width <num>     Width of lines (default is to auto-detect). Must be
                       >20 or 0 (= no limit, resulting in a single line per
  -R REPO_FILE         Specifies the repository db to use. Default is
                       the current checkout's repository.