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Cannot sign out OpenID session.
User & Date: kazinator2 2016-08-12 20:16:00

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    [How do you recover passwords in this site? I reported this problem two years ago as "kazinator". Today I had to create a new account here, kazinator2]

    The problem still persists. I cannot update the TXR project in Freshcode.

    It says I cannot update it with my current login: it matches neither the password nor OpenID handle.

    I click on login, and then log out. It tells me I have successfully signed out.

    I go to the project to try to update it again. Of course, I can't update it with my current login (because I don't have one). I click on the login link, and now there is an OpenID authentication dialog. When I enter the URL and proceed, it fails, telling me "Already Logged In": that I haven an association with an OpenID handle already.

    So, in fact, I was not signed out when I was told I was signed out.

    Clearing cookies does nothing; it's some persistent server-side state.

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