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Dr. Changelog Complex XPath
User & Date: BeniBela 2017-04-11 22:13:42

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    Dr. Changelog does not seem to recognize all XPath expressions.

    For example, I have a changelog at http://www.videlibri.de/updates/changelog.xml and have set the following XPath for Dr. Changelog:

    version = concat(substring(//build[1]/@version, 1, 1), ".", substring(//build[1]/@version, 2))

    But it does not set the version.

    The simpler XPath version = //build[1]/@version is recognized, but I need to convert the integer version code 1234 to a end user version number 1.234.

    Using the concat/substring functions seems to be the only way to do this conversion with XPath 1, so the expression looks slightly awkward.

    Besides it would be much easier with XPath 2, since XPath 2 supports arithmetics like //build[1]/(@version div 1000).

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