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Artifact ID: d45c701a683eb0dfcfc5d0dfc8b30ef073098ed1
Page Name:Other URLs
Date: 2015-04-20 23:12:37
Original User: mario
Parent: c7d2e9fe06ff64ae727ad41b7b2c2a027f727057

Each project per default should have a homepage and a download URL.

Oftentimes you may want to add further links. Instead of manually adding each after another, on freshcode there's a simple name=url list in the Other URLs submission field.

Simply list a couple of named links separated by newline or comma:

Bugtracker = http://example.org/project/trac/
Release-Notes = http://example.org/NEWS.txt
SourceForge = http://sourceforge.net/projects/name
forum = http://example.org/forum/
linux-x86 = http://example.org/download/proj-$version.x86.tgz

Lower/uppercasing is irrelevant. Take note that the first word is always capitalized however.

Notice that each of the named links may contain a $version placeholder again.

They're completely free-form, but some common link names can be:

  • wiki =
  • blog =
  • GitHub =
  • GitWeb =
  • SRC =
  • release-notes =
  • changelog =
  • DEB-x86 =
  • RPM-amd64 =
  • manpage =
  • Doc =
  • Syntax =
  • FAW =
  • mailing-list =
  • DistroWatch =

Only for the AutoupdateRegex module, the specific names changes= and version=, scope= or state= have a dedicated purpose.