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Artifact ID: e808c7400b21cd0075787bc868e1c91337e714f6
Page Name:AutoupdateGithub
Date: 2015-03-21 01:00:35
Original User: mario
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For GitHub-hosted projects there's a particular simple release autoupdate scheme. Just provide at least one link to your github-repo (as primary Autoupdate URL, Homepage, Download or in Other URLs).

  • A projects tags.atom will be polled daily for version number updates.

    Version number prefixes like "v" and projname- prefixes will be stripped from tags. Only the 1.2.3* style version number will be retained from tags. Release titles are generally ignored.

  • http://github.com/$user/$project/releases is the preferred way to retrieve a changelog. The first bulleted task-list will be presumed to be individual change notes.

    This is what GitHub itself recommends for publishing releases. Albeit only major projects are utilizing it, e.g. /atom/atom.

  • Alternatively a * bulleted list from tags.atom <content> will be used.

    So you can have your commit message for a tag contain a changelog-style summary.

  • As fallback $repo/compare/0.9.9...1.0.0 will be used for condensing commit logs into a summary.

    This is obviously not often a user-friendly changelog. Therefore it's rate limited. Which might incur delayed bugfix release announcements.

    For projects where this fallback repeatedly only generates developer/commit changelogs, it'll probably be moderated and disabled.

Some basic filtering (removing "merged pull request xyz" entries) is applied.

State: functional, testing