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freshcode.club is a reimplementation of FreshMeat/FreeCode, which shut down in June 2014. It's intended to become a community-driven website again.

It's initially also a lookalike. Yet it's planned to differentiate the feature set and provide different frontends with shared datasets. A few notable design differences are:

The project name freshcode.club is an amalgamation of freshmeat and freecode. Both domains have been reserved as placeholders for partner projects or varied frontends. With the new .club TLD signalising a more community-inclusive direction.

Is Freshmeat still needed?

FM shut down because

  • It saw fewer and fewer contributions and visitors over the years.
  • Staff investments for Dice outdid the ads income.

Distribution package managers made Freshmeat somewhat irrelevant for end users. (The "year of Linux" was 2008, btw, and a large part of our user base are non-programmers nowadays.)

Yet not all projects have made it, nor will they ever, as not everything is suited for distribution listings. Many programming libraries and one-off utilities have no place there.

And that is the intended target audience of the revived freshcode.club