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freshcode.club/ is a community-oriented service and strictly non-commercial.


  • No ads.
  • Avoiding tracking cookies.
  • No forced registrations.

In short: no personally identifiable information is collected.



A session cookie USER will be created. This only occurs after an effective login however.

You can inspect the code to verify that indeed no personal informations or logs are stored.

Since we are utilizing CloudFlare for CDN, there will effectively be an externally injected __cfduid cookie. There's no way to opt out of that. However as workaround FC honors the Do-Not-Track header and unsets __cfduid quickly again.

No Ads

As non-commercial project there's no intention of running ad campaigns. Mostly again to eschew web tracking.

Albeit a later version may introduce optionally enableable text ads. The project author has no personal aversion to advertisements. And factually Google ads were surprisingly relevant on the original Freshmeat for uncovering software alternatives. (It's unclear if Google ads can be post-injected in a sane way and have them default to off; no research into that yet..)

There's also the option of reintroducing the Open Source Advertisement Network (similar to what Stackoverflow community project banners provides).

No user accounts

While this incurs a significant extraneous coding effort, FC will not require actual user accounts. Instead OpenID is used to offload account management elsewhere and where users prefer.

This reduces the barrier to entry, thus hopefully makes contributing project listings simpler. Yet requiring OpenID usually also provides a simple-minded spam prevention mechanism (it's not untenable, but difficult to automate for bots).

For a later messaging system and other community interaction features, the contributed OpenID handles and nicknames are sufficient.