⌈⌋ branch:  freshcode


Planned features

  • Utilize website preview images (e.g. preview.include-once.org, albeit that's a bit slow) for absent project screenshots.

  • json data exchange protocol

  • flagging system needs tiny admin tool

  • Autoupdate modules

  • Article feeds for index page.

  • Content-Negotation or separate RSS feeds?

  • Map tags onto Trove map.

  • Abstract update code into release{} class (but don't go astray into Pretend/WebMVC..)

  • Reintroduce the freecode JSON API

    • API: add a CREATE method (either predefined math challenge or per common SSL cert)
  • Project description imports

    • PKG-INFO
    • DOAP
    • Debian/control files
    • release.json, package.json
  • User icons: allow submitter to also list an email address for gravatar fetching, take care to filter them out for feeds, openid gravatars are not very widespread (also submitter_openid is always the last editor, not neccessarily original author)

    • Add user homepage field.
  • Search function, consolidate ?q=, ?user=, ?tag= (and later Trove mapping)

  • Split out HTML templates from page_* handlers.

  • Provide a slim on-site discussion forum, for more accessible documentation and announcements, project-help inquiries.

  • Integrate a twitter channel to republish version announcements there on behalf of projects.

  • Statistics evaluation (as CloudFlare is being used, requires to use their API [which however only returns a num-of-visitors summary for the previous day]; the local access.log is slightly off.)

  • Figure out how to find releases on GitHub (their trending overview is quite useless)

  • Introduce CommonMark/MarkDown for project descriptions?

    • That's certainly out of scope for changelogs. The automatic extractor doesn't preserved linebreaks, because many sources don't have any. And the extracted or submitted changelogs are seldomly usable as list markup right away. (While there's an emphasis here on only publishing announcements with change documentation, making them overly detailed/lengthy isn't.)