LibreOffice plugin to pipe whole Writer documents through Google Translate, that ought to keep most of the page formatting.

βŒˆβŒ‹ βŽ‡ branch:  PageTranslate

dingonyms 0.5: minor fixes to params handlind, and method names
mario authored 45 days ago last checkin da276907c
πŸ“„ Makefile Add langdetect as dependency/bundle (used by mymemory)β€Ήβ€Ί 69 days ago
πŸ“„ Check for existence of create_default_contextβ€Ήβ€Ί 78 days ago
πŸ“„ Prettier error/esxception dialog, and Fromβ†’To language selection modeβ€Ήβ€Ί 69 days ago
πŸ“„ Compatibility with AOO uno and python (2.7, not 3.x), PropertyValue()β€Ήβ€Ί 326 days ago
πŸ“„ Fix from="auto"/"select" from sticking aroundβ€Ήβ€Ί 67 days ago
πŸ“„ Introduce XNamedAsEnumeration wrapperβ€Ήβ€Ί 323 days ago


Any modules in pythonpath/ become accessible in the LibreOffice python environment.

  • Hence a good place for splitting some code into.
  • Also used to bundle requests and other modules for Windows-package (1MB .oxt).