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phptags tag tidier

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Artifact ID: eebd4b08876887aa8597dbfdfab972f015248cd6
Page Name:phptags tag tidier
Date: 2014-11-07 18:53:53
Original User: mario
Parent: 0c810430352513954fd6b441cc359a75a2fc4365 (diff)
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phptags is a simple command-line tool to automate the rewriting of PHP open and close tags.

  • It can convert between short <? and long <?php open token.
  • Add missing ?> close tags.
  • Excise ?> close tags.
  • Correct leading or trailing whitespace / UTF-8 BOM issues.

It utilizes either regex and/or the tokenizer.

project pages

usage examples

  • phptags --whitespace *.php cleans up spaces or UTF-8 BOM issues before opening and after close tags
  • phptags --warn directory/ searches through a directory and just warns about whitespace issues
  • phptags --close --long --tokenizer *.php adds close tags, converts open tags into long form <?php and uses the more reliable --tokenizer mode (instead of --regex)
  • phptags --unclosed --shortall dir/ ../*.tpl includes/ converts all tags into short forms, and strips close tags of a document (it's advised to rather have whitespace issues fixed than keep using the newcomer workaround)
See also --help or the [manpage] [http://fossil.include-once.org/phptags/finfo?name=manpage.1 ^] for the complete reference.