Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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<page xmlns="" type="guide" id="pluginmanager2">
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    <desc>User plugin installation</desc>

	<title>Plugin Manager 2 - <key>📦 Add</key> </title>

	<p>For updating or installing new plugins (extra channels or
	features), there's a user plugin manager. It's available as
	feature extension itself.</p>
	 <item><p>See the <key>F12</key> config dialog <key>🔌 Feature</key> section.</p></item>
	 <item><p>Enable the <key>⨯</key> Plugin Manager (listed near the end).</p></item>
	 <item><p>Restart streamtuner2 one last time for this change to take effect.</p></item>
	<p>Once activated it brings up a new <key>📦 Add</key> tab
	in the configuration window.</p>
	<p><media type="image" src="img/pluginmanager2.png"
	mime="image/png">Install dialog for user plugins</media></p>
	<p>You can scan for available/new plugins there. And have them
	downloaded right away. New plugins are just downloaded, not
	implictly enabled. Reopen the config dialog to see them in the
	regular <key>📻 Channels</key> or <key>🔌 Feature</key> tabs, and
	then enable them.</p>
	<note><p>Updated plugin versions won't be instantiated right away
	if they've been active already. That requires either a restart.
	Or disabling + saving once, then reenabling them.</p></note>
	<section id="configuration">
	<item><p>Alternative download repositories may be configured. (Little
	practical value at the moment.)</p></item>
	<item><p>And you can let the plugin manager handle ☑ autoactivation
	of changed plugin states.</p>
	  <item><p>After reconfiguring existing channel plugins, they get
   	  automatically instantiated or disabled in the user interface.
   	  (Which avoids the usual restart).</p></item>
	  <item><p>This currently doesn't work with feature/core
   	  plugins. Plugin deactivation is mostly visual, but does not undo
   	  menu extensions or undefine callback hooks.</p></item>

	<section id="userplugins">
	<title>User plugins</title>
	<p>Downloaded plugins are stored in <file>~/.config/streamtuner2/plugins/</file>
	(not in <file>~/.cache</file>, because they're sort of configuration
	and should be backed up in case of local modifications).
	To remove them, delete the individual *.py files there manually. But
	keep the <file></file> stub.</p>
	<p>On Windows they're stored in <file>%APPDATA%\streamtuner2\plugins\</file>.</p>
	<note style="bug"><p>Core plugins (those which are installed
	system-wide) can often also be updated. The user-saved plugin will
	take precedence after a restart. However the version number in
	PluginManager2 still shows the system-installed/older version
	<p>So you'll have to take care to eventually refresh/delete outdated user plugins,
	whenever you install a newer Streamtuner2 version.</p></note>
	<section id="disable">
	<subtitle>Disable user plugin loading</subtitle>
	<p>Since this is still rather experimental, you may disable all
	associated features by starting ST2 via:</p>
	<screen>streamtuner2 -d <input>pluginmanager2</input></screen>
	<p>Which inhibits loading this whole extension. (The <code>-d</code>
	flag also works	for any other plugin name.)</p>