Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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.\" (many thanks to the manpage howto!)
.TH streamtuner2 1 "2015-04-02" "2.1.4" "Application manuals"
streamtuner2 \- Browser for internet radio stations
.B streamtuner2
.I command
.BI channel ,...
] [
.IB title

Streamtuner2 is a graphical application for browsing through internet
radio station directories, like
.BR " and " " or " .
It is written in Python and easy to extend. And besides the grapical
interface, has a commandline interface.


.BI help
Prints out a summary of available commands.

.B Cached data

.BI stream " channel title"
Searches for a station with the given title. Either looks in a single
channel, or scans all plugins.
.BI url " channel title"
Prints out only the streaming URL.
.BI play " " [ channel ] " title"
Invokes the configured audio player.

.B Instantly retrieve data from directory service

.BI categories " channelname"
Returns a nested JSON list of all categories/genres.
.BI category " ""channelname"" ""Category"""
Prints out a JSON list of the genre. Each entry constains title, url and
other meta information. Note that the category must have the exact case.

.BI streamtuner2 " stream" " shoutcast,xiph" " ""Top 100"""
Searches for the term "Top 100" in the shoutcast and xiph channels, and
returns all info about the first match as JSON output.
.BI streamtuner2 " play frequence3"
Looks for the first occourence, and starts the audio player for FREQUENCE3.


There's only one option for the graphical UI mode:
.BI --gtk3
Loads Gtk3 via PyGI instead of Gtk2. This is implicit when running on Python3

.IR /home/ $USER /.config/streamtuner2/settings.json
.BR streamripper (1) 
.BR audacious (1)
.BR json (5)
.BR m3u (5)
.BR pls (5)