Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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# encoding: UTF-8
# api: streamtuner2
# title: User Plugin Manager Ⅱ
# description: Downloads new plugins, or updates them.
# version: 0.5
# type: hook
# category: config
# depends: uikit >= 1.9, config >= 2.7, streamtuner2 >= 2.1.8, pluginconf < 1.0
# config:
#   { name: plugin_repos, type: text, value: "*.py,*.py", description: "Plugin repository JSON source references.", hidden: 1 }
#   { name: plugin_auto, type: boolean, value: 1, description: Apply plugin activation/disabling without restart., color: "#ffcc99" }
# priority: extra
# png:
#   AQCanBgAAAAHdElNRQffBQ4EMidI8LXfAAABGUlEQVQoz32NPU7DQBCFx4aOxosIIOzGlkWRiogGkBssRfQoK/cxRBwAaw6AhJcLoAwtlTdlKtiSMj4U++PIBiReM/O+mXkD0ImdMxhqp23bsyHINkp9/Qu8TLXBj5BMrfsp
#   08rk2hT7KtIf2o1cmWJzIqU+pVVD9i6SW9Ev0BC9D0FDSzEExouyB0QkLGAQunMSL7IuwVNB+EZu/Bw/lLAnJ1fa6nOBT3CZQ0irDzsWiHo/gLFwqhFxbl6Me+/AiXhdmnUHfIBDMb+onccZnE7AXwTHncfH5CYHSGALeHGH
#   tybGAr7gFS8KC464Vs7Se84dGGlvmvQPqAZgFoM/7QYwQqx0fIoFuo0DE3oNuzbbgP1EKwDPlPgb5NefnUHe3aAAAAAASUVORK5CYII=
# support: experimental
# Scans for new plugins from the repository server, using
# a common-repo.json list. Compares new against installed
# plugins, and permits to update or download new ones.
# User plugins go into ~/.config/streamtuner2/channels/
# and will be picked up in favour of system-installed ones.
# Further enables direct activation of existing channel
# plugins, often without restarting streamtuner2.
# Actually rather trivial. The Gtk interface building just
# makes this handler look complicated.

import imp
import config
import pluginconf
import pkgutil
from channels import __path__ as channels__path__
import os
from config import *
from uikit import *
import ahttp
import json
import compat2and3
from xml.sax.saxutils import escape as html_escape

# Plugin manager
class pluginmanager2(object):

    module = "pluginmanager2"
    meta = plugin_meta()
    parent = None
    vbox = None

    # Hook up
    def __init__(self, parent):

        # main references
        self.parent = parent
        conf.add_plugin_defaults(self.meta, self.module)
        # config dialog
        # prepare user plugin directory
        conf.plugin_dir = conf.dir + "/plugins"
        plugin_dir_stub = "{}/".format(conf.plugin_dir)
        if not os.path.exists(conf.plugin_dir):
        if not os.path.exists(plugin_dir_stub):
            open(plugin_dir_stub, "a").close()
        # Register user config dir "~/.config/streamtuner2/plugins" for module loading
        sys.path.insert(0, conf.dir)
        # Let channels.* package load modules from two directories
        channels__path__.insert(0, conf.plugin_dir)

    # Craft new config dialog notebook tab
    def add_config_tab(self, *w):
        if self.vbox:

        # Notebook tab = label, content = vbox in scrolledwindow
        w = self.parent.config_notebook
        self.vbox = gtk.VBox(True, 5)
        vp = gtk.Viewport()
        sw = gtk.ScrolledWindow()
        sw.add(vp)  # ScrolledWindow → Viewport → VBox
        # label
        label = gtk.EventBox()
        label.add(gtk.Label(" 📦 Add "))
        # add page
        tab = w.insert_page_menu(sw, label, label, -1)
        # Prepare some text
        self.add_(uikit.label("\n<b><big>Install or update plugins</big></b>", size=520, markup=1))
        self.add_(uikit.label("You can update existing plugins, or install new contrib/ channels. User plugins reside in ~/.config/streamtuner2/plugins/ and can even be modified there (such as setting a custom # color: entry).\n", size=520, markup=1))
        self.add_(self.button("Refresh", stock="gtk-refresh", cb=self.refresh), "Show available plugins from repository\n")
        self.add_(gtk.image_new_from_stock("gtk-info", gtk.ICON_SIZE_LARGE_TOOLBAR), "While plugins are generally compatible across releases, newer versions may also require to update the streamtuner2 core setup.")
        for i in range(1,10):

    # Append to vbox
    def add_(self, w, label=None, markup=0):
        w = uikit.wrap(w=w, label=label, align=10, label_size=400, label_markup=1)

    # Create button, connect click signal    
    def button(self, label, stock=None, cb=None):
        b = gtk.Button(label, stock=stock)
        b.connect("clicked", cb)
        return b

    # Add plugin list
    def refresh(self, *w):

        # Fetch repository JSON list
        meta = []
        for url in re.split("[\s,]+", conf.plugin_repos.strip()):
            if re.match("https?://", url):
                d = ahttp.get(url, encoding='utf-8') or []
                meta += json.loads(d)
        # Clean up placeholders in vbox
        _ = [self.vbox.remove(c) for c in self.vbox.get_children()[3:]]
        # Attach available downloads after checking dependencies
        # e.g. newpl["depends"] = "streamtuner2 < 2.2.0, config >= 2.5"
        dep = pluginconf.dependency()
        for newpl in meta:
            if dep.valid(newpl) and dep.depends(newpl):

        # Readd some filler labels
        _ = [self.add_(uikit.label("")) for i in range(1,3)]

    # Entry for plugin list
    def add_plugin(self, p):
        b = self.button("Install", stock="gtk-save", cb=lambda *w:self.install(p))
        p = self.update_p(p)
        text = "<b>$title</b>, "\
               "<small>version:</small> <span weight='bold' color='orange'>$version</span>, "\
               "<small>type: <i><span color='#559'>$type</span></i> "\
               "category: <i><span color='blue'>$category</span></i></small>\n"\
               "<span size='smaller' color='#364'>$description</span>\n"\
               "<span size='small' color='#532' weight='ultralight'>$extras, <a href='$file'>view src</a></span>"
        self.add_(b, safe_format(text, **p), markup=1)

    # Add placeholder fields
    def update_p(self, p):
        fields = ("status", "priority", "support", "author", "depends")
        extras = ["{}: <b>{}</b>".format(n, html_escape(p[n])) for n in fields if p.get(n)]
        p["extras"] = " ".join(["💁"] + extras)
        p["file"] = p["$file"].replace("/cat/", "/doc/tip/")
        for field in ("version", "title", "description", "type", "category"):
            p.setdefault(field, "-")
        return p

    # Download a plugin
    def install(self, p):
        src = ahttp.get(p["$file"], encoding="utf-8")
        with open("{}/{$name}.py".format(conf.plugin_dir, **p), "w") as f:
        self.parent.status("Plugin '{$name}.py' installed.".format(**p))

    # Empty out [channels] and [feature] tab in configdialog, so it rereads them
    def clean_config_vboxen(self, *w):
        self.parent.configwin.first_open = 1
        for vbox in [self.parent.plugin_options, self.parent.feature_options]:
            for c in vbox.get_children()[1:]:

    # Activate/deactivate changed plugins
    def activate_plugins(self, *w):
        if not conf.plugin_auto:
        p = self.parent
        for name,act in conf.plugins.items():

            # disable channel plugin
            if not act and name in p.channels:
                del p.channels[name]

            # feature plugins usually have to many hooks
            if not act and name in p.features:
                log.WARN("Cannot disable feature plugin '{}'.".format(name))
                p.status("Disabling feature plugins requires a restart.")

        # just let main load any new plugins

# Alternative to .format(), with keys possibly being absent
from string import Template
def safe_format(str, **kwargs):
    return Template(str).safe_substitute(**kwargs)