Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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	<desc>Export a station entry as .m3u/.pls file.</desc>


	<p>You can export the currently selected stream using
	<guiseq><gui>Station</gui> <gui>Save</gui></guiseq> or by pressing
	<key>F2</key>.  A file dialog opens, where you can adapt the title.

	<p>The extension of the filename decides on the saved link format.  Per
	default a .m3u file is created, because that's what most audio players

	<note><p> You can also save in <file>.pls</file> or <file>.xspf</file>
	or <file>.asx</file> or <file>.smil</file> format.  In current
	releases the file extension is automatically adapted when changing
	the filter dropdown (bottom right corner in the file dialog). </p></note>