Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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        <desc>Large internet streaming provider</desc>

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<p>Radionomy is an internet radio streaming provider, orginally
founded in Belgium.  It commands a pretty big slice of the worldwide
internet radio stuff these days. - It took over for

  <item><p>Its directory contains over 6000 stations already, all of them hosted by Radionomy directly.</p></item>
  <item><p>This plugin uses a mixture of RegExp/DOM extraction, JSON reading, and simulated AJAX queries to fetch station lists.</p></item>
  <item><p>Station logos are 25x25px large, and directly fetched from as well.</p></item>

<p>Both listening and station hosting are free (given agreement
to autoplay advertisements, and a minimum quota of daily listeners). 
Radionomy is therefore pretty popular and growing.</p>

<section id="options">
 <p> You can configure the number of pages it'll try (<key>3</key> by
 default) to influence the length of station lists.</p>

 <p> And the song title updating ("<key>OnAir Updates</key>") can be disabled.
 Future versions of this channel plugin might poll it automatically,
 and keep the station list auto-updated.</p>