Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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        <desc>Creative Commons music and artist hub.</desc>

<title><media type="image" src="img/channel_jamendo.png"/> Jamendo</title>
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<p>Jamendo is a Creative Commons licensing oriented music distributor. It
hosts audio files for individual musicians and artists.  It allows to list
albums, playlists, and individual tracks by genre.</p>

  <item><p>The new Jamendo v3.0 is now utilized, which is JSON based and easy to extract.</p></item>
  <item><p>Its radio list is static. It loops over randomized songs from each genre.</p></item>
  <item><p>There's a custom JSON playlist extractor (JAMJSON), to avoid preloading stream URLs for feeds/albums. While tracks/genre lists contain direct streaming addresses already.</p></item>
  <item><p>Instead of favicons, streamtuner2 can fetch slightly larger album or track covers.</p></item>

<p>Tracks and albums can be downloaded free of charge (Creative Commons). Yeah, imagine that.</p>

<section id="options">
<title><link xref="configuration">Config</link> options</title>
     <title>🔠 Streaming format</title>
     <p>You can switch between MP3 and Ogg Vorbis audio streams for Jamendo.
     It's not honored by the radio section, but albums and tracks should be
     received as Ogg when configured so.</p>
     <title>🔠 Preview image sizes</title>
     <p>Album covers are downloaded in lieu of favicons. They're available
     in different sizes. Use 25px if you want just favicon-sized icons.</p>
     <title>🔟 Result length</title>
     <p>Currently only 1 page (of 200 entries each) of album/track lists are
     <note style="bug"><p>Setting a higher value may not work.</p></note>