Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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	<desc>Double click a station to start it in your audio player.</desc>
	<link type="guide" xref="streams#actions"/>


	<p>To start playing a station, you can:</p>

	  <item><p>Just <em>double click</em> an entry.</p></item>

	  <item><p>Use the <key>▶ play</key> toolbar button.</p></item>

	  <item><p>Right click for the context menu and the <key>play</key> action.</p></item>

	  <item><p>Drag and drop it directly into your audio player.</p></item>

	  <item><p>Save it (<key>F2</key>) to a playlist file, then start your player with that.</p></item>


        <p>In streamtuner2 you can configure different audio players for different audio
        formats (MP3 or OGG). In the <link xref="config_apps">Apps</link> section of the
        <link xref="configuration">settings dialog</link>, you can associate one player
        with each audio file (MIME) type. Nowadays you can often configure the same player
        for all audio (and even video) types.</p>