Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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        <desc>Community-driven streaming directory</desc>

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<p>Radio-Browser is an ambitious community project. It collects as many
public internet radio stations as possible. It's free to use, has a well
documented API, with a simple JSON interface.</p>

<p>It's now the backend in many open source music players:</p>

  <item><p>Rhytmbox (for which it was originally intended)</p></item>
  <item><p>Streamtuner2 (obviously)</p></item>
  <item><p>RadioDroid (Android)</p></item>
  <item><p>DreamBox plugin</p></item>
  <item><p>Musicbox (Android)</p></item>

<p>Since v0.3 / streamtuner2.2.0 you can now also share your favorite
stations directly. There's a new <guiseq><gui>context menu</gui> <gui>Share in

<section id="options">
 <p> Instead of browsing by genres, you can switch to languages or

 <p> Note that you'll have to use <guiseq><gui>Channel</gui> <gui>Reload Category Tree (F5)</gui></guiseq>
 again to update the catogory view.</p>


<section id="advertisment">
 <note style="note"><p> With <link  href="">RadioDroid</link>
 there's a mobile version to access and play from
 directly. Get it on <link  href="">F-Droid</link>
 or the Play store.</p></note>