Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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# encoding: UTF-8
# api: streamtuner2
# title:
# description: Station list by continent+country
# url:
# version: 0.5
# type: channel
# category: radio
# priority: obsolete
# png:
#   AJqcGAAAAAd0SU1FB+ECDBAgLJqgZW4AAADoSURBVBjTNdBNj4MgEAbgqdLeZdo9C5NwFmo5Y7Wedauc1y/+/09YdLskkDwJmZl3IOxnON4A8frQhdc/7mG2cv3gx29X
#   rdUfZuVHQ3JHEzZ7GSuNXxFV/FYYwryO6MOiZqEdnQPUC/fsXZaMuxa6MFfOVYN7kIWpHZClyJGLFjbbC617KaRUEJ4r4fU7IqNYrW5f2kgU5gZInG6MZ086eejcyIvO
#   1KwoLayoJjqnuWO5giW8msxVmBQXD5PttSlRm8TG2fDNZS3rRO/opeSCMnPa82xSmNgkfRxJ5yZxlPrPDmLu+7GqX4lERq4G0UEyAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC
# extraction-method: regex
# Radio station list grouped by continents and countries.
# NO LONGER LISTS STREAMING URLS (~ 2019), thus isn't interesting
# enough anymore for extended support.

import re
import action
import ahttp
from config import *
from channels import *

# ยท Groups stations by continents and countries.
# ยท Only fetches titles/homepages henceforth.
class radiolist (ChannelPlugin):

    # module attributes
    listformat = "href"
    has_search = False
    categories = ["Europe", "America", "Canada", "Australia"]
    catmap = {"Albania": "albania", "America": "us", "Andorra": "andorra", "Australia": "au", "Austria": "austria", "Belarus": "belarus", "Belgium": "belgium", "Bulgaria": "bulgaria", "Canada": "can", "Croatia": "croatia", "Denmark": "denmark", "Estonia": "estonia", "Europe": "", "Finland": "finland", "France": "france", "Germany": "germany", "Greece": "greece", "Hungary": "hungary", "Iceland": "iceland", "Ireland": "ireland", "Italy": "italy", "Latvia": "latvia", "Liechtenstein": "liechtenstein", "Lithuania": "lithuania", "Luxembourg": "luxembourg", "Macedonia": "macedonia", "Malta": "malta", "Moldova": "moldova", "Monaco": "monaco", "Montenegro": "montenegro", "Netherlands": "netherlands", "New Zealand": "nz", "Norway": "norway", "Poland": "poland", "Portugal": "portugal", "Romania": "romania", "Russia": "russia", "Serbia": "serbia", "Slovakia": "slovakia", "Slovenia": "slovenia", "South America": "sa", "Spain": "spain", "Sweden": "sweden", "Switzerland": "switzerland", "Ukraine": "ukraine"}
    titles = dict( genre="Genre", title="Station", playing="Location", bitrate="Bitrate", listeners=False )

    # just a static list for now
    def update_categories(self):
        self.catmap = {"Europe":"", "America":"us", "Canada":"ca", "Australia":"au", "New Zealand":"nz", "South America":"sa"}
        c = []#
        rx_links = re.compile(r"""
            <li \s+ id="item[\d-]+"> \s+ <!--[^>]+-->
            \s+ <a\s+href="(?:https?://\w{2,3}/)?\w+)"
            .+? <h3[^>]*>\s*([\w\s-]+?)\s*<
        """, re.X|re.S)
        for title in self.catmap.keys():
            html = ahttp.get("" + self.catmap[title])
            sub = []
            for p,t in re.findall(rx_links, html):
                if t in ["Terms", "About Us", "Donation", "United States"]:
                self.catmap[t] = p
        self.categories = c
    # extraction rules
    recipe = {
        "block": """<li\s+id="item-\d+-\d+">(.+?)</li>""",
        "split": None,
        "fields": {
            "title": 'data-item-title="(.+?)"',
            "url": 'data-item-link="(http.+?)"',
            "homepage": 'data-item-link="(.+?)"',
            "favicon": '<img[^>]+src="(.+?)"',
            "description": '<p\sclass="ca-sub">(.+?)</p>'

    # extract stream urls
    def update_streams(self, cat):
        entries = []
        html = ahttp.get("" + self.catmap[cat])
        for block in re.findall(self.recipe["block"], html, re.S):
            e = {"genre":"-", "playing":cat, "format":"text/html"}
            for id,rx in self.recipe["fields"].iteritems():
                uu = re.findall(rx, block)
                if uu:
                    e[id] = unhtml(uu[0])
            if "url" in e and "title" in e:
        # done    
        [log.DATA(e) for e in entries]
        return entries