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Update of "debugging"


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Date: 2017-01-01 20:59:42
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In case streamtuner2 doesn't start up correctly, you can run it in a "debug mode". This could be set permanently via F12 in the Configuration window, in the "System" tab, as "x Enable debug messages".

Now when streamtuner2 hangs at startup, you can use the command-line flag:

  1. Open a console / terminal window

  2. Enter the following command:

    streamtuner2 -D

    And press Enter.

  3. Watch the output for red error messages.

Notes for Windows:

  • Coloring of debug messages is not supported on this platform.
  • On Windows you can start streamtuner2 in debug mode also from the Start Menu:

     <Streamtuner2> <Extra> <Run in debug mode (-D)>
  • Running streamtuner2 in console mode (without the Debug flag) is achieved via

     <Streamtuner2> <Extra> <Run with console>

Disable a single plugin (once).

If it's just a single channel plugin that hangs at startup, you could disable that:

streamtuner2 -d xiph

To make that permanent open the configuration and press save.