Internet radio browser GUI for music/video streams from various directory services.

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Title Ver Type Category Subdir Priority Description
Bookmarks 1.5 channel builtin dist βœ” core For collecting favourites. And provides some feature/category plugins.
Compoundβ˜… 0.2 channel virtual contrib/ unsupported combines station lists from multiple channels
Delicast 0.5 channel radio contrib/ rare directory of streaming media
Dirble 2.2 channel radio dist βœ” optional Song history tracker for Internet radio stations.
filtermusic 0.1 channel radio dist βœ” extra Daily refreshed list of electronic+dance music streams.
GrLittleRadio 0.2 channel playlist contrib/ extra Static list from Great Little Radio Player
house-mixes 0.6 channel collection contrib/ contrib UK DJs house/techno mixes
Internet-Radio 1.2 channel radio dist βœ” standard Broad list of webradios from all genres.
Jamendo 2.2 channel radio dist βœ” default A license-free music collection and artist hub.
ListenLive 0.0 channel radio contrib/ extra European radio stations streaming live on the internet 0.2 channel radio contrib/ extra Irish/worldwide radio station directory
Magnatune 0.1 channel collection contrib/ extra Independent and user-friendly radio label
MODarchive 0.3 channel collection dist βœ” extra Collection of module / tracker audio files (MOD, S3M, XM, etc.)
MyOggRadio 0.7 channel radio dist βœ” standard Open source internet radio directory.
PODspider 0.0 channel talk contrib/ never lists Podcasts RSS from proprietary podspider xml database
PublicRadioFan 0.1 channel radio contrib/ extra Scheduled broadcasts, radio stations and genres, sorted by locations
PunkCast 0.3 channel video contrib/ outdated Online video site that covered NYC artists. Not updated anymore.
RadioBrowser 0.3 channel radio dist βœ” optional Community collection of stations; votes, clicks, homepage links. 0.5 channel radio contrib/ optional Europe's biggest radio platform
Radionomy 0.7 channel radio dist βœ” extra Modern radio directory and streaming provider
RadioSure 0.5 channel radio contrib/ extra Huge radio station collection
Reciva 0.4 channel radio contrib/ contrib Home internet radio app and diverse station database.
reddit 0.9 channel playlist dist βœ” extra Music recommendations from reddit /r/music and associated subreddits. 1.5 channel radio dist βœ” default Primary list of shoutcast servers (now managed by radionomy).
SomaFM 0.9 channel radio dist βœ” extra Alternative radio, entirely community sponsored and non-advertisey.
Streema 0.2 channel radio contrib/ optional
SurfMusic 0.5 channel radio dist βœ” default User collection of streams categorized by region and genre.
TuneIn 0.3 channel radio dist βœ” default Online Radio, Broadcasts, Podcasts per RadioTime API 0.1 channel radio contrib/ optional Your ears will know
UbuntuUsers 0.2 channel radio dist βœ” extra Static list of radio stations courtesy of the Wiki
vTuner 0.4 channel radio contrib/ contrib Huge station list by music service provider 0.6 channel radio dist βœ” standard ICEcast radios. Scans per JSON API, slow XML, or raw directory.
Youtube 0.3 channel video dist βœ” default Channel, playlist and video browsing for youtube.


Title Ver Type Category Subdir Priority Description
UI: bookmarks: show extra field 0.0 feature ui contrib/ rare Extra field in bookmarks list
Cache Reset 0.2 feature config contrib/ optional Allows to empty cached stations and favicons
Soundcloud player -1 config player contrib/ once Just sets a new configuration option for soundcli
Config dialog 2.7 feature ui dist βœ” core Allows to configure players, options, and plugins
Continuous/JIT record 0.0 hook ui contrib/ None Starts background recording on play, to allow saving current track
dev_console 0 module None contrib/ None no description
faulthandler -1 io debug contrib/ development capture fatal errors / memory fauls / Gtk and threading bugs
Drag and Drop 0.7 feature io dist βœ” default Copy streams/stations from and to other applications.
Export Category 0.3 feature file dist βœ” optional Exports a complete channel category (all stations into one file).
Favicons 2.0 feature ui dist βœ” standard Load and display station favicons/logos.
Filter Bitrate 0.2 filter audio dist βœ” optional Cleans out low-quality entries from all station lists.
Global keyboard shortcut 0.3 feature ui dist βœ” extra Allows switching between bookmarked radios via key press.
Gtk theme setting 0.2 feature ui contrib/ experimental Gtk theme switching in Streamtuner2. (Beware of crashes!)
History 1.0 group ui dist βœ” optional List recently played stations under favourites > history.
Links to directory services 0.2 group web dist βœ” standard Static list of various music directory websites.
New station 0.1 feature ui contrib/ optional Adds menu entry to add new station
User Plugin Manager β…‘ 0.5 hook config dist βœ” extra Downloads new plugins, or updates them.
Config save/import/reset 0.2 feature config contrib/ optional Allows to store, reimport or delete all preferences
RadioTray hook 0.4 feature bookmarks dist βœ” extra Allows to bookmark stations to RadioTray
Stop button 0.2 feature ui contrib/ None Kills streamripper recording
Script stations 0.1 feature bookmark contrib/ theoretical User scripts for individual stations
Search feature 1.0 feature ui dist βœ” core Provides the quick search box, and server/cache search window.
Spec buttons for apps 0.8.1 feature ui dist βœ” None Adds configurable mini toolbar buttons
Working directory 0.1 feature session contrib/ rare Changes to another directory on startup
Stream entry editor 0.6 feature ui dist βœ” core Allows to inspect and modify station/stream entries.
Gtk2 theme installer 0.3.1 feature ui contrib/ experimental Shows themes in the bookmarks pane for installation
Recording timer 0.7.7 feature hook dist βœ” optional Schedules play/record events for bookmarked radio stations.
TMP: clean Multi-URLs 0.1 feature filter contrib/ None Strips multiple stream URLs from stations (for RadioSure mostly)
Channel toolbar link 1.0 feature ui dist βœ” None Shows current channel and a link to online service in toolbar.
Soundcloud streams 0.3 filter audio contrib/ rare Convert soundcloud links from reddit to streamable tracks
User Agent Switcher 0.2 feature session dist βœ” rare Mask streamtuner2 as browser or different radio player.
Version/update check on startup 1.0 feature ui dist βœ” default Checks fossil repository for newer version

Obsolete plugins

WindowsMedia killed off by Microsoft for Grove (just playlists, no radio streams anymore) No longer providing streaming URLs. Obfuscated web-player only.
Live365 Cancelled in January 2016.
iCast Service shut down.
8tracks Not providing API tokens anymore.
iTunes RS RoliSoft API became unavailable, and iTunes Radio doesn't list stations anymore.
Google Music Was part of streamtuner1, but discontinued as DMOZ stagnated.