Command line tool to duplicate/modify version number strings across source code and distribution files according to syntax context.

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Page Name:version numbers get/write
Date: 2014-02-10 00:34:29
Original User: mario
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version numbers get / write

This is a commandline tool to update version numbers across source code files.

version -get file.c -bump -write pkg/DEBIAN/control

It understands multiple syntax contexts to constrain write operations. And the command arguments can be mixed naturally.


Just running the script displays a simple help (same as atop the code).

But there's also a manpage.


It's useful for preparing a manual packaging process. It can keep version numbers in sync across source code to documentation and build scripts.

Earlier implementations of this were patched to a specific language or too generic. This consolidates the regex handling and command line interface.

There are probably other tools like that, but they're obviously not easy to google (those that are are also domain-specific and tied to particular languages).


See for the download repository.

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