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Date: 2015-05-01 00:12:26
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-t arch package target

Arch Linux provides a mixed-mode package system. While ABS/makepkg allows port-style package building from source, the pacman installs binary packages.

The fpm/xpm -t arch target crafts a .tar.xz archive, and embeds:

  • .PKGINFO a meta description ini file
  • .MTREE a bsdtar mode/type/gid/uid/checksum file

Generated tarballs don't carry a leading ./ for contained files. Otherwise this is a fairly standard target.

  • Dependencies are listed (take note that Arch pkgnames may differ).
  • License is just always listed as 'custom', no mapping yet defined.
  • Build dependencies aren't mirrored (no idea what those are, and fpm doesn't have any).
  • Owner/group ids are always set to root in the tarball.