Map-based autoloader across php and phar resources

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Canonic Autoloader


shared.phar is a streets ahead PHP autoloader.

  • Self-contained in a single compressed Phar โŽ˜.
  • Can be updated easily from the command line or implicitly.
  • Is class-map based and handles identifiers PHP-compliant.
  • Phar collections become first class citizens, as both plain *.php scripts and phar://* packages are scanned for identifier declarations.
  • Indifferent to PSR-0/4 constraints, works atop any legacy or custom directory scheme.
  • Prepares rfc:function_autoloading userland support.
  • Can be used project-locally and for /usr/share/php handling.
  • And for deployment is just copied along with the classpath.

Also it's placed into the Public Domain.


It can be utilized easily with:


And updated manually on the command line:

 php ./shared.phar

Or implicitly on development setups by pre-declaring an environment variable.



Development State
early development stage / experimental
Releases will be announced on
Debian packages are available via