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This is a cron script that populates a statistics table in *.fossil repositories.

  • The fx_stats table summarizes source code language use (and the approximated amount of comments) in percentages.

  • Optionally, when traversing multiple *.fossil repos, this script can also collect associated projectName and projectDescription etc. in a projects.json file. I'm using this for the overview list.

  • The fx_search is now redundant and will no longer be populated, because /search is built into new Fossil versions.


Basically the only setup required is this line:

 // Configure repository locations
 $repo = "/www/fossil.d/*.fossil";

Set it to the base path of all your .fossil stores. Or constrain the glob.

You might have to optionally adapt $fossilbin = "fossil" if it's not in the default shell $PATH.


It basically:

  • Loops over the *.fossil files, opens them as SQLite database

  • SELECTs all commited file names by CONTENT(UUID) via fossil sqlite .csv command line fetching.

  • Catalogizes the source code language, and counts comment percentages, and finally stores those numbers into fx_stats.

  • Populates a few more general infos into the fx_stats table.

<style>main table { width:70%; margin-left: 30pt; }</style>

stats_social int Social bookmark blacklinks count
stats_checkins int Number of checkins
stats_files int Checked in files
stats_tickets int Amount of tickets
stats_developers int Count of developer/contributor accounts
stats_branches int How many branches exist
stats_tags int Number of tags
stats_forks int Count of different checkout/sync URLs
stats_releases int Number of v1.2.3 tags
stats_name str Project name
stats_description str Project description

Only the stats_social takes a little while longer, because it queries Each repo.fossil may contain a custom "homepage" entry in the config table to override the standard fossil webserver URL, btw.