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[freshcode.club/](http://freshcode.club/) is still in an early planning/development stage. Therefore code contributions are most welcome right now.

  *  Code and features.
  *  Stylesheet adaptions.
  *  Project listing moderators.

### Become developer

Create a [fossil account](login) and send a mail (info#freshcode:club) to receive sync access.  
Otherwise just send in patches.

### Become moderator

The *post-moderation* model will require some moderation, if this project becomes popular. (see ["Is Freshmeat still needed?"](wiki/About)).

If you're willing to help out with other authors submission, contact `mario#freshcode:org` for an elevated account. (Prerequisite: you need to be open source project maintainer in some form or the other.)

### Host another frontend

The freshcode source is intended to be reusable. With the upcoming exchange protocol, it's suitable to host a mirror and customize it optically / functionally.

Also send a message if interested. The two alternative domains `freshmeat.club` and `freecode.club` are reserved and free to use for that. I can alternatively also offer named subdomains `//us.freshcode.club/` if preferred. (Currently utilizing CloudFlare for simple vhost assignment.)

Again, this is a strictly non-commercial project. So you could take over one of those domain registrations (yes, free) if popularized.

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